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Partner Testimonials

Core ICT
“We were the first partner in the Benelux region to be awarded Platinum Partner status, which is great recognition of the trust, value, and mutual respect Lenovo and Core ICT have for each other.”
“After reading a tender, we often reach out to Lenovo for support. Lenovo engineers help us to design and configure the right solution to solve the client’s exact technical needs. The team’s expertise and insight are extremely valuable”
Lamont IT
“Everyone on the Lenovo team is very easy to work with—they’re supportive, responsive, and always happy to help.”
Tec Tight
“Lenovo’s company culture is less hierarchical than that of other vendors we work with, making it quicker and easier to get the right support.”
“We keep an eye on the market to check that we’re still getting the best technology at the best price, and Lenovo still easily beats the rest.”
“Working closely with Lenovo and from a lead they brought to us, we recently closed a deal worth £400,000. In a super-competitive bidding environment, Lenovo will flex their pricing alongside ours, helping us come out on top.”
“When our clients want to trial prototype applications, Lenovo will lend us servers and storage to support the testing process at no extra cost. Often, this helps us to make sales further down the line.”
“With Lenovo hyperconverged solutions, we can choose the exact server configuration we need, and then purchase the software directly from the software vendor there’s no obligation to source everything from Lenovo.”
“Our experience with the Lenovo supply chain could not be more positive. Lenovo has always met our clients’ expectations for quality and speed of delivery, which means we can migrate or renew their platforms with almost zero disruption.”
“Lenovo delivers true turnkey solutions for HPC, pre racked and pre cabled, so we can just integrate them into the client’s network. This enables us to offer a smoother and more professional service to our clients.”
“Without a doubt, Lenovo has helped us to close some big deals over the years. Their knowledge and experience are invaluable when architecting, testing and certifying large, complex data center solutions for our clients.”
“Lenovo delivers everything we need as an IT service provider: end to end data center solutions at competitive prices, backed by expert support.”
Technology Corporate Management
“Lenovo do not take the partnership lightly. They are always available to help us in any way they can, complementing our capabilities to support our clients. They are fully committed to the Channel Partner model.”
“Our clients trust the Lenovo and Intel brands to run their most critical workloads. Knowing that we have the Lenovo team is on standby to provide additional support gives them even greater peace of mind.”
Harel Information Technologies
“Not only is Lenovo's data center solution portfolio extremely impressive, but they also have experienced support services and knowledgeable, friendly people to back it up.”
Green Enterprise Solutions
“Lenovo is a top-tier vendor, both in terms of technology and support. We truly believe in Lenovo technology, which inspires the trust and confidence of our clients.”
Prog IT
“One of the most important things we look for in a partner is open communication. We always know who to turn to at Lenovo, and they are always ready to help.”

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